Sunday, January 22, 2012

Video Example

Well yesterday and today have been interesting. We are going to do the family home evening lesson on Monday night for the Senior Couples and we decide to teach them how to do some things with their pictures both on and off the internet. We also want to show them some of the resources the Church has available and also some ways to use your mission experiences as a missionary tool on the internet.

We decided to make our bbq sauce base and video it and then make a video combination video and add it to our blog. So we made the sauce and videoed it and tried to upload it to YouTube. Wouldn't you nnow we had major difficulties. Because I have a 4 hour meeting on Monday and can't spend all day on it, I wanted to get it done on Saturday but Youtube did not cooperate. It said that my video had already been uploaded (somewhere). However, I don't remember uploading it and it did not land in my uploaded videos and I don't have time to re edit another movie, so I am putting up Darwin's whole wheat sour dough pancake recipe and giving them a basic tour or the internet stuff and a quick, how to on picasa. If anyone, wants of needs more, I will do a class. So this post is just a way to get the video of the pancake recipe up on this blog. It should be below.

Know that we are healthy and happy. The work here seems to be never ending but I have decided that I can only do what I can do and that I am going to start looking for more resources in each mission. Dad is doing really well with Portuguese and when I have to talk to a mission president he is right at my side coaching me with the vocabulary that I don't know. His pronunciation is a lot better than mine and he has a handle on the grammar just like he does in Spanish. (I should have had another year of spanish under my belt and maybe it would be so confusing). Buy for now. We will try to get the bbq lesson up later.

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