Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It is now October and we have been back in the US since May. I can't believe that I have not updated things on this blog. I have been incredably busy learning to design in the new dreamweaver CS4 package and getting a new website prepared. Unfortunately, I broke my leg along the way and all things became a little more difficult. I really am working hard to get up a new website called DarVicDoings but it is still in the redesign phase so it may be until Christmas before you actually see it. In the mean time I have a new Video below with some of the Bogota pictures added at the end. I updated our original from the last post, so the front part looks the same but it is shorter and with more pictures. Hope you enjoy and I will try to keep you posted on our new website. In the new website I hope to point out good free or inexpensive spanish language learning resources, share some of our pictures, teach engish phonetics, keep you posted on Darwins experiments with sourdough and yogart making and whatever other "doings" happen our way. Vicki