Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sourdourgh breadman pancakes

I really am going to try to get some video up of our trip. I am waiting because someone has a video of Darwin dancing at the dinner at the peruvian horse hosienda. However, I am sure they have not had a chance to edit it or get it on a DVD because they had to get back here and get back to work. President Cavanaugh, the president of the MTC here, was the one doing the video and he had just gotten a new batch of about 75 missionaries in the Bogotá CCM (MTC-- missionary training center-- for our non lds church member followers. In spanish that is centro de capacitación de misionaros CCM)

Entonces::::: I have had a request to put up our whole wheat sourdough pancake recipe so it is below from our wholewheatbreadman youtube site. (So far it is the only video on the site, however, we do have some others to put up. I just haven't had time to edit them and get them up. Be sure to check out what we do have up from Peru in the last post.

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The Uvalde Kid said...

Finding Colombia/Venezuela missionaries. . . send me e-mail Sister Alice Durant and I are searching for old missionary friends. THANKS, Bill Stewart