Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I thought you might like to see where we have been. This picture is hard to read but each black line represents a round trip to that place if the line is just out and back. If we covered several cities than the lines may be a multicity loop. In this map you can see the 3 countries of the old South America North Area. We are now combined with the west area and there are 5 countries in our area. The solid blue lines on the map seperate the countries and the different colors within the countries are the missions. Venezuela has 4 missions, we have done the least in Venezuela. Ecuador is the littlest country and has only 3 missions and we have completed all but 6 of the stakes in Ecuador. Our last trip to Ecuador is not on this picture. It was down in the southern part. We made that trip in early July and haven't traveled since. We have traveled the most in Colombia because we have traveled for more reasons than just the auditor responsibilities that Darwin has. We will be going to Litcia some time in October and we will be doing some other traveling to the North of Bogotá soon. Colombia is about 3 times the size of Montana.
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lue said...

Thanks for a great site. I have loved the videos. My son is coming the the bogota north mission. he is in the mission home in Provo. You have sent my heart at rest. I look forward to more. Thanks
Sister Bowers

Shelley Eakin said...

Hi Sis. Stull,
I am you visiting teacher from Kuna. I am wondering if you have a newer email than the one on the back of the program. I have been asked to email you monthly and see how you are doing. My email is
Shelley Eakin