Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is about 3 minutes of what it is like in front of our apartment in the early mornings. We were waiting for the person from the University of Sabana where we took some spanish classes to show up to help us get to class the first day (We took off the mornings for 4 days in order to take some intensive immersion spanish classes) . The campus is about 25 miles from our apartment to the North with a bus change in the middle and on the first day they accompany you so you don't lost. All told it was a good experience. I didn't get as much out of the spanish as I had hoped. I was in a class with 8 students 5 of whom were not really serious about learning spanish. Darwin was in the advanced class with only 3. We met some neat people. A young couple from Korea were really serious about the language. The guy was in Darwins class and the girl was in a different class. They went with us on the field trip along with a gal from Germany who is in the same class as the Koren girl, one from Boston who was in my class, and one from South Caroline whoses mother livers in the states but she has 12 aunts and uncles here in Bogota. The girl from Boston is here with an NGO (non govermental agency - a non profit corporation working under the auspices of the UN) doing micro finance here in Colombia. BYU has worked with several micro finance groups. They teach financial principles to people in poverity and help them get small businesses started with small loans $5 to $20-Hence - micro finance. It is a good program and there have been some real successes with very small amounts of money. There is a great public broadcasting documentry about micro finance that you can access on the web site.. Below the first slide show is another about the campus and a field trip we took to the "El Dorado" lagoon on the afternoon of the last day of class. It was a great short vacation!!

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