Sunday, March 22, 2009

Here we are again. We have been home from another major trip for just a short time and I want to get some pitures up. First we had a quick trip to Cali and then from Cali to Trijillo Peru and back to Bogotá in about 3 days. We had less then 24 hours at home and we left for Monteria, a town to the North and West not quite to the coast. We were there 2 days and back to Bogota to leave for Monizales the next day. From Monizales we went down the Caulca Valley (The Caulca is the second largest river in Colombia) with stops for trainings in Pereira, Armenia, Tulua, Palmira, for one day each and on to Cali for 3 days. Colombia is a beautiful country with rich farm land and beautiful cities. The roads were spectacular and very good with a few areas of construction (sounds like the US). We met great people dedicated to the Lord and to helping each other and their neighbors and spent time in the Mission home in Cali again. All told a great trip. We were to head out to Venezuela after a week of rest but we couldn't get all of the logistical problems worked out. (Where we stay, how we get from hotel to chapel and from one city to the next and back to Bogota in one piece) so we will postpone that trip until after general conference and the one we had scheduled in April will have to move back too. I have decided that being gone for 3 weeks of 4 and 1/2 in a month is way to much travel for me. It is hard to keep up with the laundry when you have to travel between cities by bus or taxi. (We've done both).

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