Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Venezuela Trip

I Promised a look at our trip to Venezuela and here it is. Most things in Venezuela are much more expensive than in Colombia or especially in Ecuador. However, gasoline is the exception. It is .12 a gallon. That is right 12 us cents a gallon. Gasoline is cheaper than bottled water in Venezuela


benandkiki said...

Looks like an adventure. It's fun that you get to do some sight seeing as well. I'm sure you liked that big tarantula.

Sandra said...

We get to go on a 3 week cruise in April. We have 2 & 1/2 days in Santiago before the cruise so plan to go to the temple. Then we travel up the coastline to LA, Calif. Wish you guys wre in the territory (Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, several ports in Mexico)! Love proud of you guys

michelle L said...

This country looks beatiful. I have high-speed internet and was able to see the video. You guys are so busy, You both look great!

I miss you so much! Just remeber to come home!! Don't bring any spiders or insects though.

Love and miss you