Thursday, July 17, 2008

Training in Mexico City

Dad and I in Central Mexico City. Mexico City is built on the ruins of another city, and that city was built on a lake. All of Mexico City sits on kind of a bed of jello. The City is sinking at the rate of 3 inches a year and the trees around town are being used as foundations. The roots are ringed with steel. The white pillers on each conor of the monument in the picture above used to sit at street level. Now the street is way below them. The population of Mexico City is 29 million. It is one of the 3 largest cities in the world. I think Toyko is larger and Sao Paulo Brazil trades back and forth with Mexico City for 2nd and 3rd. Dad and I have now been in both Sao Paulo and Mexico City. I didn't ride the city buses here in Mexico City like we did in Sao Paulo. We were really pretty sheltered. They didn't want to loose us so they kept us on a pretty short leash. Luckly our Hotel was within walking distance of Mexico City's largest park. Although we didn't get to the zoo in the park, we did get to look around and had a great time the morning we were leaving. Below are Dad and Miguel Angel by the same monument with one of Mexico City's many, many, many large modern skyscrapers in the background. This was part of the massive lobby of our hotel

The minstrals guarding the stairway The picture below was taken out of our bed room window and shows part of the hotel fitness center. The pool is right under that structure of glass. You can see my fingers taking the picture in the reflection
The picture of the swimming pool below only shows about 1/2 of the pool. It was a full 25 yards long. We didn't swim here though. We might when we go to Cartegena this weekend. Next week after Cartegena we may end up in Bolivia. I have been working with a Sister here who may need to be accompanied home. We will see. The Church Auditing Department brought together in Mexico City all the Auditor Trainers for the Areas of the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, South America North and South America West. They are trying to simplify and increase the function of the Audit forms and wanted some input from those who are working with them and training people to use them. The training was in Spanish, with a very few comments in English when I needed to get a point across. I can usually follow the conversation enough to know what they are talking about. I just don't know what they are saying about it. Luckly, Dad and Miguel were there to translate for me. Actually Dad did a good job of translating for Miguel and for me so that we could understand each other. We didn't get a seperate picture of the couple on the left side. They are from Mexico. They are like Miguel Angel and Nancy in Colombia. They have an extra church calling as Area Auditor Trainer part time Missionaries. Miguel is also on the High Council and Nancy is the Stake Relief Society president and Miguel works full time for an insurance company. I don't know what else the couple from Mexico does but it absolutely amazes me the amount of time that they and others like them put in. We could use 10 senior missionary couples for every one that is serving. The three other couples are all missionary couples serving in various areas. And the other people are either church employees supervising audits and accounting or single men serving in home area auditor trainer positions.

This couple is doing the same thing we are in the Caribbean. There are 4 languages spoken in their area. His spanish is quite good and they have some assistants that help in the other language areas. The tall guy on the left end of the group picture serves in their area. He speaks all 4 languages, French, Hatian, Spanish and English.

The couple below works in Central America. They are in Guatamala City right now. They have been out for 18 months of their 23 and both are speaking spanish enough to teach the auditors in their own language and to make themselves understood in a Spanish speaking country. She is really a dynamo and is not afraid to say anything even if she comes accross a little like a grenga. They spent 2 years in the peace corp in Ecuador, and She taught English in Japan. They rode bicycles back and forth to work in Japan. Her native language is German. She immigrated to the US in th 1950's just as she was entering high school. She does not speak Japanese. The Japanese prefer that those that come to teach English, teach totally in English. Neither their assignment in Ecuador with the peace corp or the English Teaching she did in Japan were Church related. They are planning to go out again on another Church mission after they have been home for a few months.

Enjoying the sites in Mexico City. After two days of training we had a morning to go explore. Our plane didn't leave until 4:15 so we took some sight seeing time.

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Wow, what a fun experience. It's so exciting to see the places where you are going. How has the traveling been? Does it seem like a lot or is it just fun? love ya.