Saturday, July 12, 2008

This evening we went over the the chapel by the temple for a festival in Migel Angel and Nancy's ward. It was wonderful. They had a dance celelebrating the Atlantic Region. They make a traditional hat out of Palms there, so there were lots of hats. They had a seminar before the dance on emergency preparedness in Bogota that was really good. They have earthquakes here so it was about earthquake preparation. The two pictures below show the set up for the dance. The room we are in is the chapel on Sunday. The Benches are movable and so they are pushed back against the wall to make dance floor.

They had a live band. I took video that I posted below but I took it with my little digital camera and there is no sound.You can see some of the hats here:
This is Miguel Angel and Nancy Bosa. They are getting to be good friends.

Typical of teenagers the girls all congrigated on one side and boys on the other.

There were old people and ninos. This little sister is 94. She and I danced for a few minutes. She is with her daughter here.


Sandra said...

Chad & Robin have been geting your e-mails BUT we haven't! Anyway, we are so excited to hear you are on your mission. I read all the blogs from your Dr stuff till today (Sun the 11th. What a wonderful experience. We'll kep watching your blog...God Bless

ben&kiki said...

We love the pictures. The dance seems like it was a lot of fun. The city looks so pretty and green. It is awesome to see some of the people that you know. We love ya.