Monday, June 2, 2008

Church on Sunday at the MTC

Yesterday was incredable. We were assigned to the 57th branch. There are 57 branches (ie church congregations) at the MTC but there are not that many that are Comprised of Elders and Sisters learning to speak english (ESL). Branch 57 is one of those. We had Elders and Sisters in the branch from Tonga, Samoa, Japan, Mainland China, and Pakistan. Some of the other couples were with Elders and Sisters from Mexico and South Ameria and had church in Spanish. There were still others who were having church in Spanish with other Spanish speaking Elders. Since yesterday was fast sunday (for those non members of the LDS Church-- a day set a side to fast - go without food for two meals and donate the money you save by not eating those two meals for the blessing of the poor and needy) During the meeting of our branch we had several of the Tongans, and two Samoans, and one sister from China stand and speak in English. The Tongans had been here for 7 weeks and were speaking quite well. The little Sister from China Got up and spoke. She has only been in the US for 1 week and spoke with broken but understandable English. It was wonderful to be there and feel their spirit. They were all dedicated and had strong testimonies that Joseph Smith did in fact see the Father and the Son in a vision and that Moroni (a resurrectuded being did infact deliver The Book of Mormon to Joseph who translated it by the power of God.) After Church we went to a fireside where the Senior Couples sit down front and were overwhelmed by the 2000 Elders and Sisters sitting behind us as they sang.

We wandered the halls of the MTC looking a pictures of Elders and Sisters, teaching, performing services, building, baptising and doing all that you do when you are in the service of the Lord.

Today we went to the church Office building in SALT Lake. We had the first of 4 days of medical and mental health area adviser orientation. In addition I will still be meeting with my tutor this week on Wed-Frid and then we fly out on Monday Jun 10, 2008. At our meetings today they informed me that my counterpart that was supposed to go to the South America West Area, (which is Bolivia and Peru) can't make it so I will have 10 more missions to look after for a while. We have a Doctor in Lima so that will help.

We were assigned a car from the BYU car pool. It was a Toyota Prius Hybred. It was fun to drive. There were gages that showed what kind of gas milage you were getting. We are hoping that in two years BYU will be ready to sell these and buy new ones. Maybe we can buy a used one when we get back.

Well enough for today. I will try to post more pictures tomorrow. To my grand kids.----I want you to know that I know that God lives and is our loving Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ is his son and came to earth to overcome death and provide for our return to our Father in Heaven if we would make the changes necessary in our lives to show that we love Him and that we will take upon us His name and keep His commandements.. If we will do that he will make weak things strong in our lives and will through His power make us better than we are. He loves us and Leads this Church through His prophet on the earth. That man is Thomas S Monson.

I will be back soon with more pictures.

Vicki (Mom and Grandma)

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ben&kiki said...

How exciting! You sound so busy. We are so excited for you guys. We are here in San Francisco, and have yet to recieve our belonging. We'll post pictures for you later. We love you lots!