Monday, May 19, 2008


We have had a wonderful time this past week as we have finished our preprations for leaving the country for two years. We have visited family and friends and said goodby for a season to people we love and appreciate. We caught Michelle Lewis off guard when we stopped in and said goodby to her on our way up to Great Falls. We stayed with my brother, Skip and his wife, Deb and used their house as a base off operations as we took some time to do some visiting with friends from Wards in Great Falls as well as other good friends that we miss now that we are in Idaho. Marcia Armstrong stopped by and we spent time with Lola Tracy, Shelia, Cherron and Pop Cunningham and Jim and Cindy Asthalter as well as many others. Thank you all for being good friends. This will be one of the last pre mission blog entries. I hope you will check in as we try to share some of what is happening to us in our new assignment in Colombia and Ecuador.

Cindy and Jim, We love you and will miss you. Thank you for a wonderful dinner and a wonderful friendship. Start studing Spanish.

Skip and Deb we love you, too. More than I think you understand. You are a great little brother, even if you have called me the "Crab Grass in the Lawn of Life" Don't worry we will stay out of the jungle.

We stopped by Temple Square to join with all those who were wishing Josh Kundis and his a new Bride a great beginning.

And what would a trip to Provo be if I didn't get to the BYU campus. These are shots of Library, not the best place for looking at the prize winning landscaping but great for remembering all the hours you spent studing if you too were a student or faculty member here. I was both. I was at BYU for two years as an undergraduate and then came back and spent some time as a counselor in the counseling center. This campus feels like home every time I come back.

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ben&kiki said...

Wow, we can't believe you are almost gone. We are so excited for you and excited to see you blog from the mission. love ya