Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MTC It is hectic.

t is time for bed but I wanted to write a little bit about today. Today is May 26, 2008. We entered the MTC today. It was interesting. They didn't have any of our material because someone had indicated that we were not coming. It is a long story as to how that happened and I will tell it later for now lets just say that Darwin was looking forward to getting his name tag and that was one of the things that was not available. They got things straightened out so we were able to get a room but will not have a name tag or id card until wednesday. In the mean time we have keys to our room but no key to the building we live in so we have to go in when others can open the door for us. Other than a minor problem about whether we were supposed to be here or not every thing went fine. It is kind of overwhelming to be here. There are only 15 couples and one single older sister in our group of senior missionaries for this week. We are headed all over the world. I need to go to bed now so will write more tomorrow.

It is Tuesday and we are headed to a devotional. Will try to write later. For those of you who don't know much about the MTC (Missionary Training Center) you can look at this link.


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