Sunday, May 4, 2008

I have not posted for a while so I am going to do some catching up. Darwin and I were in Phoenix with Ben, Kirsten and Kate. Ben graduated on May 2, 2008 with an MBA in International Finance from The Thunderbird School of Global Management. According to the Graduation Program the Thunderbird Mission is: "We educate global leaders who create sustainable prosperity worldwide." If graduation was any indication they really do have a diverse program. There were flag bearers from 36 different nations. In order to have a flag in the ceremony you had to have at lease 2 people graduating from that country. Because the faculty and student body is from all over the world so was the audience. There were people who had just gotten off the plane from Beijing, Bancock, Israel, Jordon, Lebanon, and France sitting close to us. There was a little family from India right in front of us with 2 kids. Many of the families were dressed in traditional dress. Steven Forbes the CEO of Forbes Magazine was the graduation speaker. We are proud of Ben. He is currently on a internship junket to south America. He spent a week in Argentina and is now in Chili for two weeks. Kirsten will join him for 4 days in Santiago. They will be moving to the San Fransisco Bay area as soon as they get back. Ben has taken a job as an international financial analyst with a consulting firm that assess the worth of foreign properties and major business acquisitions. (I really don't know exactly what he will be doing but it has something to do with valuing companies to give other companies some idea of what a business is worth before they buy it) Here are some pictures from graduation day and the graduate reception that took place on May 1.

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