Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A little hectic

Our life got a little hectic day before yesterday. We thought the house was taken care of. We were working with a management company to rent it to students of the linemans college here in Kuna. (A school for training electrical linemen for the electric companies in the northwest and western canada.) We got an email from our management company two days ago saying that they were getting out of the roommate business and couldn't handle our house. They explained why they were getting out and that they would recommend that we not rent this property as a roommate rental. We understood the problems that they were explaining and agreed that given what they had found out about how rentals of this type had to be handled that we would be better off renting to a family or single renter. (We wish they had found out sooner about the problems and let us know sooner) Anyway now instead of being able to close off part of the garage and leave our stuff here we have to completely vacate the house. We don't blame them we just wish we would have known sooner. Anyway we have rented a storage unit and a U-haul for the day and two sets of missionaries came over today and we moved most of the funiture and heavy stuff. We still have clothing and some household items and small stuff like computers, tv, our bed etc. We are leaving to go down for Ben's graduation on April 24 so our goal is to be completely out of here by then and have this place vacant so it can be rented to a family. People are having a hardtime getting loans right now so the rental market is good. We had been with a management company before who didn't do roommates but who had handled our house before we moved to Kuna. We are now back with them. The say that currently the have a 2% vacancy rate for the houses that they are managing and assure us that the house will be easy to rent once we are out of it. Anyway it makes life just a little hectic right now.

The MTC has assigned me a private tutor and start language training over the phone on Thursday. I already have 8 CD's of language instruction from them. We will work on spoken spanish and I will get about 3 hours a week of one on one conversation practice with her plus the lessons on the CD's and lots of homework. I should be interesting. Vicki

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