Friday, February 15, 2008

Written by Vicki
Friday, 15 February 2008
So, mission preparation has concentrated mostly on getting medical stuff in place. And what a pain that was. Read on. I think I will create a web page for people planning on going on a mission when they are seniors just to keep track of all the medical stuff. Actually I suppose I am suppose to have all that stuff on the top of my head but I didn't and I had to go digging to get the dates for all surgeries (I have only had 3) what they were for etc. All broken bones (I have only had one) but it wasn't readily on the tip of my tongue as to exactly when. I should have been like Pres. Hinkley and not ever had been in a hospital until he was past 90. Unfortuanately that was not the case.
We had to have a tread mill test which we passed with flying colors. Dad had to have a cancer follow-up which he passed. I had to do all the womanly stuff and I as usual flunked my mamogram. Every time I go have to change who is looking at the images I have to go in for more. Yuck!!! but I did pass the second test. No problems. We are still waiting for all tests to get to our primary care doc but are scheduled to see the Bishop this Wednesday for our final interview.

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